Innovative, on-trend, functional solutions

Standing out in the retail environment—whether on shelf, online or in-app—requires thoughtfully designed and engineered packaging solutions. From simple to complex multi-component packages, to e-commerce solutions and POS displays, our structural design team provides innovative and functional solutions that gain attention.


The combination of technical expertise and integrated processes allows us to rapidly deliver innovative solutions to our clients. It also enables upstream consideration of everything from cost per unit, package testing and printing, to optimized timelines and costs—full visibility with no surprises.


Efficiency and sustainability are always top-of-mind. We consider a product’s footprint, explore material alternatives and work to reduce plastic.

Innovative concepts

Topical solutions

Functional engineering

Specialty, gift and limited-edition packaging

We create specialty packaging that consumers and influencers remember and share. Thoughtful packages that are functional, brand-appropriate and enhance the consumer experience.


Always challenged to find the ideal solution, we combine technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of materials, inks and specialty techniques, all while meeting manufacturing efficiency goals.

Protective e-commerce packaging

Spark designs and engineers packaging that protects products and gets them e-commerce ready.


By bundling structural design and engineering with our prototyping and package testing services, we ensure that our structural solutions meet certification requirements before we deliver them to you. As a full-service provider, we provide solutions that meet ISTA guidelines while shortening the time-to-market process.

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