Creating a professional image with flexibility, scale and consistency

Our objectives were to merchandise a large and growing product range in a way that supports Snap-on’s “best in class” reputation with professional mechanics around the globe. To them, it’s all about earning power. Any changes we recommended needed to reinforce the brand profile at every level: Rugged. Dependable. Versatile.

Surveys indicated when pros heard the “Snap-on” name they saw “red”…in a positive way, of course. That’s the foundation on which our core packaging concepts were constructed. Our commitment to “product as hero” photography and simplified feature/benefit communication brought tool detailing to life.

Over the past few years, we’ve implemented hundreds of packages, and have extended beyond the core range into differentiated platforms. These include promotional packaging, specialty packaging for anniversaries and events, and licensed product packaging. To ensure consistency, our Packaging Guidelines clearly define graphic elements and their placement. This has enabled consistent production across a variety of structures, package sizes and materials. And, in the case of licensed products, it’s allowed 3rd party suppliers to accurately produce one-off packages with ease.