Branding and packaging design for new sub-brand and product range

The Meal Kits category generated $1 billion in revenue worldwide in 2015 and will hit $10 billion by 2020. That’s 3x faster spending growth than other channels. Smithfield Foods, the 8th largest food processor in the U.S., recently made an aggressive move to capture a share of that growth. We collaborated with Smithfield to position, design and launch a new brand.

Consumers today place a great emphasis on flavour, purpose and authenticity of their food. “Big food” companies have become a nemesis in the eyes of some consumer groups. So we knew a drive for personalisation, need for engagement and accessibility, all wrapped up in busy lifestyles, would help us develop the name for the brand. We tested several with consumers, and Scratch emerged as the one that resonated most. Scratch is flavour-rich, easy to prepare and a joy to share with friends and family. Scratch embodies the core values of Smithfield – flavour, purpose and authenticity.

With over 150 brands active in the marketplace, we delivered differentiation with the new Scratch brand mark, then focused on fresh ingredients and aspirational plating for appetite appeal on packaging and marketing communications. The flavor and convenience promise was made via straightforward graphics and messaging, all defined in our clear and concise brand guidelines.


The time from concept to launch was less than 9 months with 4 products launched into 1,200 retailers.