Delivering standout in a cluttered category dominated by big brands.

Northland, makers of premium quality, 100% juice targeted to women, needed to justify its premium price point.

With a portfolio of cranberry-based products, we recommended Northland position themselves as “The Cranberry Experts.” This, plus a compelling nutritional story, brought about breakthrough design.

A concise, compact label with emphasis on the 100% juice claim, nutritional value, and health aspects conveyed emotional benefits that set Northland apart. Realistic, fresh-looking fruit imagery created appetite appeal and helped differentiate the range from the competitive set.

The mouthwatering visuals of real berries combined with a contemporary brandmark conveyed the honesty and purity of ingredients. Research confirmed that women clearly saw Northland as the juice for them, and worth the premium price.


Our refresh contributed to the successful acquisition of the Northland brand by Apple & Eve.