Positioning a growing brand to become the master of the better-for-you snack offerings

Research showed that the foundation of the Crunchmaster brand had become diluted. Our overall objectives were to update the graphics, simplify the shopping experience and gain trial. And, because the brand was growing, we also needed to create a system to handle various line extensions, and to differentiate between “core” and “artisan” products.

The redesign features photography with strong appetite appeal, flavor naming to resonate with today’s shopper, and a system that builds the brand while distinguishing the various platforms.

All of the core products feature a colorful chevron shape on the bottom, which is positioned to create consistent alignment and rhythm on shelf. The chevron shape evolves between the platforms, but it, with the consistent logo position, becomes the anchor for the entire line, allowing photography to differentiate.


IRI data showed a 4% sales increase immediately after the redesign, and in the two years since launch the brand has grown a total of 24%.

TH Foods has released 26 new products in the 24 months since the rebrand, which demonstrates very nimble collaboration between marketing, R&D and operations.