Details managed, worry-free delivery

Packaging concepts and designs are only as good as their execution. To ensure the faithful execution of a perfected package design, Spark includes print management among its services. Whether it’s used alone or as part of The Total Package, we can handle the details for you.


We manage printing, from ink on paper to specialty processes, as well as implementation for retail POS. We offer expert handling of fulfillment and distribution to a designated warehouse or direct to stores.


We have strong relationships with global, accredited suppliers who can provide fast, cost-effective, high quality results. When appropriately located, our European print manufacturing operation, ASG Spark, offers packaging expertise across a number of key market sectors.


Case Study

Complete 1937-2018 Movie Collection

    Disney wanted to bring together their 55 incredible “Classics” in one collector’s package.

    We began by designing a beautiful 30-page hard-bound Layflat Book, to hold the 55 discs. To delight collectors, we used the original theatrical poster artwork in our design, alongside our existing “Classics” key art executions. A beautiful 80-page Dorling Kindersley book was included. A gold-foiled rigid slipcase and outer o-ring housed the whole collection.

    By engineering a single design across Blu-ray and DVD, we were able to make considerable production efficiencies for our client.

    We then printed the materials with our sister company in Poland, before delivery direct to the distribution centre – an end-to-end approach that streamlined production for our client.

    “Best thing I’ve ever spent my money on! I’m ecstatic!! If you have any doubt about buying this, don’t! It’s definitely worth the money!”

    – An Amazon Reviewer, 2019

    “With outstanding design treatments, ASG Spark gave Disney Classics a more contemporary feel while respecting the brand’s heritage”

    – The judges of the BASE Awards, 2019