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The art and science of branding is the balance between emotion and reason, and between consumer desires and business goals. Achieving perfect balance is our objective.


We seek knowledge to build the foundation for a brand, by exploring its past, present state and aspirations for the future. We look wider to understand what influences consumer behavior and purchase decisions—from what’s in their neighborhood store to what’s trending on social channels and which competitors are stealing a place in their hearts.

Our time-tested process identifies opportunities

Through our SPARK methodology we critically look at a category, determine areas of opportunity, and recommend compelling and relevant solutions for a brand’s positioning, visuals and messaging hierarchy. We articulate its competitive advantage.


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Transforming brand personality to market impact

Successful brands inspire consumers to take action.

We activate the branding strategy across the entire consumer journey–from promotions and online communications to retail and packaging–generating or strengthening brand awareness and encouraging trial.

Our informed, branding strategic approach, backed by our proven SPARK methodology, has helped dozens of client partners strengthen their brands and achieve results.

Anytime Favorites

Branding Case Study

Brand boosting redesign to drive sales

Smithfield Foods wanted to give its commodity ham line a shot in the arm and came to us for a redesign of the packaging.


But we took it a step further. We consulted with the brand team about changing consumer perception that ham is only for special occasions. We recommended positioning the line as the protein of choice for all meal occasions, every day of the week. While the brand team loved the idea, there was one obstacle: consumers have a very limited view of what to do with ham. So, we expanded the positioning to promote creative, yet easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering recipe ideas for the line of products.


In the sub-brand naming phase, our goal was to create a brand that would be easy to remember and capture the everyday eating occasion positioning. Anytime Favorites emerged as the winner in extensive consumer testing.

The next hurdle was to create a design system that would compel retailers to stock multiple SKUs to optimize brand billboarding. We determined that yellow was unique in the category and, at the same time, provided a perfect canvas upon which to place plated food shots. We proposed investing in peel-back labels to include recipes on pack, and feature the simple recipes in food photography.


Over 20 SKUs were launched in year one, and sales jumped immediately, outpacing competitors in the category by 15 percent.